Keynote speakers

Helen Roy

Professor Helen Roy is a community ecologist and her research focusses on the effects of environmental change, particularly biological invasions, on wildlife. Helen is the chair of a COST Action network ALIEN CSI (Citizen Science Investigate) which aims to increase understanding of alien species through citizen science and involves more than 35 countries. She leads a number of projects for the European Commission on non-native species – particularly prioritising species for risk assessment.  She also leads research to produce a comprehensive information portal on non-native species in Great Britain which also includes the development of an alert system for people to report sightings of concern. Helen has received a number of awards for her research most recently an MBE in recognition of contributions to biodiversity research, science communication and citizen science.

Talk title: Global perspectives on the ecology of invasive alien species: people, policy and nature

Massimo Faccoli

Massimo Faccoli is a forest entomologist at the University of Padua (Italy) working on biology, monitoring and taxonomy of bark and ambrosia beetles, with special focus on alien species and the effects of biological invasions on the forest habitats of temperate regions.

He published more than 240 scientific papers in national and international journals, books and proceedings. Massimo Faccoli is a member of the Italian Society of Entomology and of the Italian Academy of Forest Sciences.

Talk title: Plant health survey in Europe: background, current situation and next challenges


Rene Eschen

René is an ecologist, working at CABI in Switzerland, broadly in the fields of invasion ecology and ecosystem services, with a special interest in the relationship between alien tree pests and diseases and international trade. He has an MSc from the University of Groningen (Netherlands) and a PhD from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). René chaired a COST Action on sentinel plants as early warning systems against tree pests and is a coordinator of the Working Party on “Alien invasive species and international trade”, of the International Union of Forestry Research Organisations.

Talk title: Detection of potential pests and diseases of woody plants before their arrival in importing countries


Peter Crow

Peter Crow in an environmental scientist and project manager within the UK’s Forest Research agency. Peter leads on the Observatree project, which engages Citizen Scientists to help monitor invasive tree pests and diseases, thereby helping to protect the UK’s trees and forests. Observatree is a multi-partner project that originally benefited from LIFE+ funding. Following the success of the initial phase of the project, it is now in its sixth year and is continuing into the foreseeable future. Unlike some Citizen Science projects, Observatree invests heavily in providing training and educational resources for the project’s volunteer network. During the LIFE ARTEMIS conference, Peter will describe how the Observatree project works, what it has achieved and some of the lessons learned along the way.

Talk title: Can Citizen Scientists help to record invasive forest pests or diseases? – Lessons learned from the UK’s Observatree tree health project


Annamária Csóka and Pál Kézdy

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