About the Conference

The conference Detection and control of forest invasive alien species in a dynamic world will offer an engaging platform for researchers, policymakers and practitioners, working on early detection and control of forest invasive alien species (IAS).  Participants will be able to exchange knowledge on the latest developments regarding methods for early detection of alien species and aspects of early warning and rapid response systems. During the conference, we will organise workshops on advances in methods to detect IAS, management of IAS at hot-spots and on the development of institutional frameworks for the management of invasive species.

Topics of the Conference

1  Alert lists of alien species

2  Information systems to record alien species

3  Development of institutional frameworks for early warning and rapid response to IAS

4  Understanding and mobilising public participation for early detection and management of IAS

5  Mitigation and control of IAS


Conference programme

The conference was held from 25-28 September 2019

Book of abstracts

The conference Book of abstracts is now available for download. 


Scientific committee

Maarten de Groot, Nikica Ogris, Lado Kutnar, Jana Kus Veenvliet, Marija Kolšek, Aleksander Marinšek

Technical committee

Maarten de Groot, Simon Zidar, Judita Malovrh, Jana Kus Veenvliet, Boris Rantaša


The conference is organised in the framework of the project LIFE ARTEMIS is to contribute to the reduction of the harmful impacts of invasive alien species on biodiversity by increasing public awareness and by setting up an effective early warning and rapid response framework for invasive alien species in forests. More information on the project can be found on www.tujerodne-vrste.info